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Funding Proposal




My objective to to fund my project that is to create kingston train station and a small area around it so it can be playable as a multiplayer combat war game (call of duty being the main influence)

This map will be used as a multiplayer map with such games as :

*free for all

*team death match

*capture the flag

*one shot kill

This map will try to be as realistic and up to date as possible to the real station so that the player gets the real experience.

The funding I need will be use to finance for: computers, time to render, gathering textures so they can be as accurate as possible, travel to get to kingston station, to help fund and rent/purchase a Camera, SD cards for memory for the camera, camera lens costs and program pricing and a server.


I want the Game map to be useable for players and to be realistic to the real thing, Kingston train station


My goal is to get the funding of £8,000. This has been budgeted and created on a chart.

This will help me budget my funding if I get the funding.

I am hoping that I can get an independent funding for my project to help create and complete the map so that it can be playable.

We also need funding to help create and update the kingston station call of duty map as well as create and upload DLC’s to keep the game going as DLC’s will keep players more interested in the game as well as updating features and the structure of the train station.

We also need funding to help burn and upload the game content ( including DLC’S ) on to CD’S for game platforms or to upload it onto an online app and games store.

I also need to purchase a server so that players can play multiplayer with each other.

Outcome’s and backup’s

My project outcome’s and backup’s are simple.

Firstly I want my Call of Duty Kingston Station to be playable so I will have to make it and import it into Unity

be playable. Then use programming to create a server for multiplayer platform for the players.

With that upgrade’s and DLC’S.

I do hope that the map is playable and able to move around and is the correct size (door heights, ceiling heights e.c.t)




Budget plan

Here is the budget plan,this has the full £8,000 and what the budget will be used for.

this would help me budget and keep in plus with the budget and how it will help me to keep on track with the funding finance.







Tardis and Robot CGA

Alfred Taylor

Mark Owen

9 December 2013



Snow White and Toy Story Compared
































Snow White and Toy Story Compared


I will be comparing how Disney produced Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and how Disney Pixar created and produced Toy Story.


Animated film’s can be used in different ways and styles for example:

The animated short film called “Gertie the dinosaur” Created by a cartoonist as well as Animator Winsor McCay. It is the earliest animated short film to feature a dinosaur.

Back then there were a lot of silent animations but “Gertie the dinosaur” involved sounds and speech.

It’s features are all hand drawn. It was released on Febuary 8th 1914

Its involves Gertie the dinosaur that does tricks much like a trained animal.

this short film is animated in a naturalistic style. it is drawn so that gertie the dinosaur shifts her weight as she moves. McCay created and inspired her with a personality that while friendly, she could be changeable, ignoring or rebelling against her master’s commands.

The animation itself starts off with her master (Winsor McCay) calling her, the childlike, playful and energetic Gertie appears from its cave.

Her master wielding a whip make’ her do tricks such as raising her foot or bowing on command.

When she feels she has been pushed too far, she nips back at her master.

She tosses a mammoth in the lake; when it teases her by spraying her with water, she hurls a boulder at it as it swims away. After she quenches her thirst by draining the lake, McCay has her carry him offstage while he bows to the audience.



I will firstly start with Disney and there production film Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs.

It was a storey that was already produced and was not originally thought up.

Disney artists drew the whole film as well which took a lot of time as well as having music composer’s crestings music for each scene.

Creating the film animators drew on tracing paper to see the last frame, so with movement such as walking the tracing paper would help them to see how far the movement and steps were so they can draw it accurately.

For facial expressions they used a mirror and drew themselves doing the facial expressions the characters would do (for example for the dwarf grumpy they did different grumpy expressions and drew them on the characters.

Firstly it was drawn in rough and in pencil with no colour and was filmed one slide at a time.

It was developed and then viewed to see if it was drawn smoothly as it was run smoothly in a movieola and was studied in a rough animation. If it was running smoothly the pencil drawings were sent to be pained in ink on a transparent sheet with the pencil drawing behind it recreating the drawing on the transparent sheet and then coloured added ( 1500 different colours created by secret chemicals)

The backgrounds were made by artists using water colours, some of them took months to paint.

There was a master colour camera that photographed ever transparent sheet with the background, when that was done technicians added sound effects.

Sound effects made by machines, instruments or even recreating the sounds for example setting up a pile of wooden boxes and knocked them over to recreate the sound of boxes collapsing in a recording studio.

Finally a orchestra create a big theme song after an exhibit to get the theme tune exactly right to make the movie complete.


Now on to my 2nd film, Toy story a computer animated film.

It was inspired by the film Tron, the computer animation film inspired the creators that computer animation is the future and had a vast and wide range of tools that they could use.

They created a short film every few months to a year, with that the short films influenced the storie line and characters in toy story.  Every short film they created they upgraded it fro the previous one so it makes it better as well as shows there improvements keeping advancing animation tools every year after every short film.

They created two shorts films Luxo Jr (1986) and Tin Toy (1988) these are there most notable short films.  The most notable which resembles Toy story is Tin toy as that is the short film that influenced Toy story.

Earlier on when Pixar were designing the characters they added animations with movements and emotions, Finding the characters though emotions helped make Toy story a success but  as people were not used to seeing a lot of computer animation in films as they were used to hand drawn animation and had to draw people in and attract and capture them thought the story line.

When the images were lie, rendered and textured no one saw this before and focused on each toy, for example, was the toy cheap or expensive.

To get the exact detail into the toys they researched each toy for example for the toy soliders in toy story the added gun barel bends, extra plastic to show there moulds and the base attached to the feet.

to recreate there movement they got plywood and cut it into the shape and put it on old trainers and went around the office to simulate how they would talk and get around objects and corners to help them animate it correctly.


one team designed the background environments, streets, leaves, trees and the sets then colorarate with computer animators and tried artists.

every object seen was created from scratch, firstly made as blue prints (model packs) then the modeller created it on the computers even making the packaging the toys came in.

they also created the characters faces in clay and scan it in to the computers to create mussels, a simple form of character expressons.

To make buzz light year they crewted a character called lunar larry but then evolved and moprphed into a character called tempos remorth then eventually called Buzz light year.

Woody was based on an  older toy that the producer had that was an old casper the friendly ghost toy with a pull string that said phrases like “can i stay with you” and “Im a friendly ghost” it made the producers think about the old dolls and toys and made them design woody as if he if not immedatly like a child’s favourite toy and that he’s more like a antqtuqe toy with a toy hat and tails and then thought make him a cow boy.  That means you have a “representitive” of the wild west and a “representitive” of space, where there personalys may clash with certain believes but can also come together to help each other.


Each line was read in 17 ways and was down slightly different so there are more different takes to choose from when they piece the movie together.

the storey board is done on a big screen so with that instead of it being a storey board with lots of pieces of paper on a wall or like a book so it can feel like a real movie for the produces to improve on the film if it needs to be.  It wont be textured but will be 3d models with arrows to show actions. after that they animate it all and cut things out if needs to be.

they layout and work out where the cameras will be, set the camera so they know if the camera is moving or is still. and weather the character is in the scenes or when the caracters enter or exit the scene. when they are happy they give it to the animators to do.

they then texture and light the images and animations to make it bealivable. defying the colour and textures (eg then Sid burns the doll with a magnifine glass they did it in real life to get the right textures and to see how it would look like)

they add the soundtracks made for the movie to show the emotion and for the appropriate scenes.

each toy needs a familiar yet unique sound.


The producers thought that the audience could not sit though 70 minutes of computer animation because people were used to hand drawn animation an but certain members knew that when the animation film was lit rendered and textured no one had ever seen that before and that you could reach up and touch those toys on screen and thats what they wanted to show the disney company and authors but when they showed them the doubts went away.


I feel that Toy story is a better as it was a start of the digital age where there were no limits and that they used everything in there power and recourses and more to create a film that is still a big and well known animated film where you can refer to due to the animatics at the time were unseen and also still very viewable still to this day. it was the first feature leangth computer animated film. it proved that not hand drawn does not mean ess personally in any way.

It is an important yet influential film it is largely due to the storey line a structure a group of people had to make, it shows


The main characters Buzz and Woody are well recognised and will represent the franchise just like the 7 Dwafs or snow white so both have recognisable characters.

All together I beleve that toy story was a better film due to it being an original story line where the creators created themselves and could easily manipulate them without any huge effect to the film without anyone knowing apart from them.

I feel that it still have influence graphics and still is a good quality and high graphics still to this day, where it can be recreated.


It is the most cynical children’s animation film ever made.


It helped market children’s toys as well as make children imagen more from there toys, and even make adults feel like children again due to the fact that that film was not just being marketed for just children but for adults too.


Grown adults watched it and even children it influenced a lot of other films to be made animated and put pixar on the map for computer animated films and make name for them too..


Here is a picture of animators, voiceovers, designers and producers on set for the film toy story at pixar

Here is a sketch of woody in toy story, he was going to be a tin cowboy but then was made plastic,

they also altered a lot of wood, rex, buzz and a few minor characters.

in place i  feel that all together the dilm came out perfectly.



My bibliography


The making of toy storey


The making of snow white


The books i read and looked into the research were as followed:


Toy Story The Art and Making of the Animated Film (Disney Editions Deluxe (Film)) by  John Lasseter


The Toy Story films An animated Journey by Charles Solomon


Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs and the making of the Classic Film (1994) by Richard Holliss


I also watched Both films In length and repeated so i understood the storey line but also how it was made and possibly any errors or to see how they pieced it all together.



Blueprints of kingston station foyer

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 12.12.29




Here is the sandbags i made in c4d

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 12.32.12


Here is an update of my CGA. there is no textures but they are being done as we speak. as well as camera angles and rendering and movment, i am also designing a new robot.


I crated a animatic with a robot and a tardis

it goes like this:

robot and tardis

robot finds tardis and put it in rubbish pile.

Tardis flashes away

camra moves shows robots face a bit confussed

robots looks for tardis under trash can and finds nothing

decides its nothing to worry about and turns around

tardis is infront of him

robot looks behind at rubish and then tardis

shows the look of robot shocked face and then angry

moves tardis to rubish pile again and again

tardis spawns to diffrent places including outside the view area

each time robt gets frustrated and moves tardis back into bin area


robot gets angry and head blows off due to him getting frustrated by the


I will be using cinema 4D  and after effects to create this

i will edit and create and render scene by scene. and piece it

together as it will help speed up render time.

here is the animatic is it slightly longer than expected but will be cut down:

animatic 1Scan 1Rough scetch



760_max Image001