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SFX role

my role in our SFX project


Our project was to make a video of an “infection”. I researched what effects i can use for the project as well as how to make them as well as what programs i can use.

I went on a website called Video pilot ( a special effects video tutorial site) Which helped me chooses what effect i should use and how to apply it to the video.

When i found the video which was called: Sub surface skin, i watched and downloaded the tout oral and the project pack which was helpful, It has the textures, and how to apply it.

I arranged with my partner (chuck) on filming the video, and what will be in the video,

The video consisted of chuck looking at his arm, scratching it and moving his hand up to his face and scratching his face looking’s bemused and in thought,

I filmed it using my own camera and tripod.

I took many takes for this to get different shots and angles.

I then looked up different video tutorials as when i was editing the video in after effects i found out i needed mocha, but when i was tracking it did not work as i feel it was my version.

I then used different versions to track the arm.

I was able to track the sub skin texture provided in after effects. I firstly had to track around the arm and where the sub skin texture was going to be placed i then added in the skin texture where when i placed it, the effected looked ok, but i feel it needed tweaking and editing.

When i edited the texture i made it merge and blend in with chucks skin and make it look realistic, I got help with teachers as well as many video tutorials. I had to rearrange the vein texture and colour it, reverse them around and colour it, red and black and other colour.


When researching what what types of effects i should use i came across a (lump) effect where lumps move under the skin. It was an effect used in the movie (the mummy)

i felt that the effect was too easy or even simple to do and to create. and the sub skin texture was the best,

It was used in the film “iron man” where the bad guy’s face flows red and shows the sub skin texture (veins) where it beats and throbs and grows.

I had to export and render the after effects file i had to look at a video tout oral for this too,

I feel the outcome looked good and correct even tough it is a short special effect video i feel its quality not quantity, I also feel it is a good piece of work because I was the one in the group that did most of the work as well as it being my first ever video being edited in after effects as well as having special visual effects.



SFX sub skin texture



I got some business cards printed but sadly i spelt digital wrong


My first logo or brand was this:


Here is my final design




Final piece Final piece2

Alfred Branding My professional life.pages

Alfred Taylor
Mark Owen
My professional Life


After leaving University you need to act and be professional and organise yourself and your apprentice as well as work.
I intend to use the items such as a a business card (my personnal card that will conceits of my phone number, email address and personal business portfolio website) to advertise myself and my work.
I intend to use items such as a note pad, compliment slip, pencil or pen and even a letter head as a form of advertisement and professional integrity. I feel that having a business card will help me to gather and receive contacts for future work and possible help with projects and work in the future.
With items such as leaflets i can advertise my services as well as provide a possible discount to incise and attract customers, This will include my personal portfolio website, number, name and email, this will be useful for me free lancing or even in a company if i was to do work on the side.
I can advertise my serivecse on Linked in, though a agency, though compititons, networking thought former clinets, different kinds of work requires different advertisements for work, i could become a junior in a degisn agency or even an apprence in a company.

I hope to gather interest and receive more work. If i was to freelance i would work from home where can use my apple macbook pro and my separate screen,
I can print at home letters or even get them professionally printed, idi w as to get them printed professionally my fees would have to rise due to the cost of it being printed.
I would also need to have samplings of my work, The clint can view my work ether on my professional website, me sending them, at a cost of the postage and packing (cheap as possible) and even them going to previous clients to get a review and recommendation.
With freelancing i need the items that i have said (business cards e.c.t) I will need to send out invoices, to customers as well as hours that i have worked that means i need to record work that i have done.
When freelancing i will need to meet up regally or show my work to the customer regally to make sure im on track and to keep the customer happy with the work that i have provided as well as it is up to standard with them and to there satisfaction. this will help them understand what updates i have done on the work and tweak anything if need’s be.

For this if i was to meet them for example:
Me go to them by train, i will need to charge them in the invoice, train travel charge, My time, as well as prints (if i was to print out work) or free if i was to show on a computer or Ipad. Work updates will have a logo or the work “sample” on them to make sure it is not used as the final piece (if printed)
When printing work you need to add the charges of printing, and delivery in your fees otherwise you will be loosing out on money, you need to also recoupoate your losses on everything, this includes, time, stationary and even computer work.

The invoice and/or letter will have to include a letter head which is included in my items that i have designed to market and organise myself as well as contact details.
With some work i will need to have a contract to make sure both parties (myself and my clinet) can keep things promised and keep the work flow smooth and accurate to what was wanted, for that i would possibly have to write it up myself with them or with my solicitor.
The final work will be printed to there standard and o there linking unless stated otherwise (in a contract or if it is not required) or if it is digital it will be provided on CD-rom or USB stick which will be added to the fees. The final piece will come with a fee invoice where a certain amour of time will be required for payment.

My Professional integrity is to behave ethical nd it is crucial to built a mutual and professional trust and respect for the client and receive the same back.
This means that i will operate in a professional manner and ethical with with in a workforce retarders to the situations i have to face.
This is why contracts and meetings as well as Human resources need to be involved and are vital to help make work and the profess move forward.
I fell that also being professional will help receive more work and widen my client base, i can build up contacts in companies and this can be useful if i need help freelancing or even setting up my own business or even in a company,

I feel that being professional trustworthy and reliable is also plays a huge part in professional integrity because if you turn up late for an interview or are unreliable with work you will not get good recommendations and it can damage your career.
My view is also you need to dress approaprlty as well as act professionally and be organised, if your not it can loose you work as well as the time and money spent.

I feel that if i was to free lance i would work at home, in my bedroom i wold be more free to not be distracted, as well as have more freedom on my work and creativity, this can improve my motivation and work flow as wellas the artwork it self.
I will need to remember to include my time management for things like rendering (i may use a separate computer for rendering) as well as organising art works and items, i will need to also remember to look professional.





double project double project3 double project4_0027 double project5_0027 Stream Merged_around0022 Stream Merged_station Stream Merged_station2 Stream Merged_station3





Critical appraisal of work proceed and methodology employed

Call of duty kingston map


In my double project i planned to create a map of kingston station and parts of the surrounding areas. It was to look like as if there had been some sort of conflict.

I firstly had to get pictures of kingston station and go there as kingston station has changed recently. The streets outside have also been renovated and have been updated.

I had to look at the surrounding buildings and try to imagine what they would look like too if there had been a conflict.

I had to draw a birds eye view of kingston station as well as  the interior,

I had to decide weather i was going to make my map playable in unity or just present it as a picture. Sadly i had to present it asa picture as i struggled to use unity.

for research i looked into call of duty, I looked around maps on call of duty modern warfare to see what items, textures were used as well as to see what sort of experience and feeling it would look like. I saw objects such as a a pile or rocks where part of a building collaped, destroyed buses and planes, sixty and bullet hole ridden buildings and walls as well as sand bags, bullet shells, creates and objects to defend and hide behind. as well as war signs (warning about land mines ect) or signs that were there before the conflict and had been damaged


I wanted to use some of theses items and assist in my map too, so i decided to create them in cinema 4d. I created items such as rubble, sandbags, barbed wire and signs,

I created each item about 2/3 times to get them right. texturing and modeling.

For the texturing I researched war photos and what buildings and objects looked after or during a conflict, i also researched into underground tube stations that had been abandoned or used as a shelters in ww2, and to see what they looked like. They had damp and moudly walls, some were slightly grumbled or the brick work was damaged or tiles were falling off. and look as if it was untreated and not repaired. I wanted these sort of textures in my map.


For my  surrounding areas in the map I found maps and birds eye views and planning maps to help model them, I feel that this did not come out well because of my modelling skills as well as texturing each building was difficult, as there are so many textures for each building and a lot of detail, I feel i left this too late to do and the textures were unfinished.

I had to texture the kingston station map, for that i used multiple brick texture until i found the right one. I had to add the white stripe around he ridge which i was able to do by selecting it and adding it, as well as texture the roof a concrete colour as well as the toof white where the “tower” part is.

When texturing the brickwork i added a glava dirt texture to get it to look moudly and drity and then added small bullet holes to show add more detail.

i added wooden boarded up windows too to make it look more realistic and even added a sign saying keep clear unexploded bombs. With the sandbags i made them piled up on top of each other and i have added a dirty effect to them as well as blood splatters and bumped up the material texture so that it looks more realist. but i sadly don’t like the shape as i would of liked it to look more cloth like or even more  like a sandbag. i feel that i should of made it more “floppy” so that they all do not look the same.

I sadly did not texture the inside of the building and you can see it in the final piece.

I added a video as well circling the station to show all the sides, and top with a day light environment atmosphere.  This helped bring out the texture and the bumps in the textures of all the objects and building. It always helped create  shadows, too which i felt improved the piece.

overall i fell i could f worked more on this piece and should of improved it more but sadly didn’t, I feel that i should of taken more time in the texture of the station and the buildings around it as it would of made it looked more realistic.

I feel that also i should of created the road and the floor around the station and i should of textured the buildings around it more and added more detail.


My idea is to create a map of iconic parts of kingston and tie them together to create a map like in Call of Duty.The map will be in style of multi-player. I will look at iconic places in kingston and research how maps in call of duty have been laid out I will research places in kingston that could be used in my map but also that call of duty have used in there maps for example market place, train station ect.

I will go around kingston and see what iconic structures i can use and replicate for this project.

I will have to do blueprints and sketches of places in kingston to develop the map To help me create them. I will be creating this because I am interested in games design as well as designing a map and lay it out the way I want.

I am also a call of duty fan and would like to do more than just this map in this project, I have decided i will be creating a cover and game art and loading screen as It will be more indeth than just a map.

I will create my own sort of idea in the map, for example the map will be as if there was a warfare going on in kingston so there there would be bullet holes in buildings, ruined buildings, and the area looking damaged possibly a plane crash or ruined cars

to structure my time I have decided to do a timetable of my research and development and then hopefully I will take time to research buildings and structures and develop them in cinema 4d as a plain building then lastly texture as that will take the most time.

I have done a similar project last year where i created a map for games design. It was a map i did in cinema 4d and then in the end i did a video of it as well as pictures so i know what i am doing.

I will research call of duty’s franchisee and and how they develope there games and design there maps.

I will be texturing the map with textures i would create either on photoshop or from photos that i would get myself either online or from kingston its self, though photography

I will be modeling buildings but if i cant replicate them then they will be similar and recognizable.

I am worried that i will not work when I import it in unity as i dont have a lot of experience in that software. also i am worried about the scale of the buildings. If i cannot get my map into unity then i will construct a video of the map instead.

I may do a video of something that you would see in a behind the scenes/ introduction of a new game or talk about the map

i want my outcomes to look good and similar to kingston I want the textures and environment sets the scene

I will keep the color and textures and style still call of duty style so that it relates to call of duty. so it will be keep the theme call of duty style but with a kingston feel

i need to also make it appeal to cod fans but new fans so i will have to make sure its not too simple not too complicated. Also i need to too and design where players can go and cant go. for example part of the rotunda will be boarded up meaning you cant go there.


I have been updating my double project.

I have updated my kingston station map, as well as create the structures in the surrounding areas.

I firstly had to find a map with the layout of kingston station and surrounding areas.

i found top views on the kingston council website.


Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 11.40.02 isis_main_isisonline1925217400468I have been using thee to help crate my map.

i dropped it into cinema 4 and have extruded them


dp plan funding.pages

Funding Proposal




My objective to to fund my project that is to create kingston train station and a small area around it so it can be playable as a multiplayer combat war game (call of duty being the main influence)

This map will be used as a multiplayer map with such games as :

*free for all

*team death match

*capture the flag

*one shot kill

This map will try to be as realistic and up to date as possible to the real station so that the player gets the real experience.

The funding I need will be use to finance for: computers, time to render, gathering textures so they can be as accurate as possible, travel to get to kingston station, to help fund and rent/purchase a Camera, SD cards for memory for the camera, camera lens costs and program pricing and a server.


I want the Game map to be useable for players and to be realistic to the real thing, Kingston train station


My goal is to get the funding of £8,000. This has been budgeted and created on a chart.

This will help me budget my funding if I get the funding.

I am hoping that I can get an independent funding for my project to help create and complete the map so that it can be playable.

We also need funding to help create and update the kingston station call of duty map as well as create and upload DLC’s to keep the game going as DLC’s will keep players more interested in the game as well as updating features and the structure of the train station.

We also need funding to help burn and upload the game content ( including DLC’S ) on to CD’S for game platforms or to upload it onto an online app and games store.

I also need to purchase a server so that players can play multiplayer with each other.

Outcome’s and backup’s

My project outcome’s and backup’s are simple.

Firstly I want my Call of Duty Kingston Station to be playable so I will have to make it and import it into Unity

be playable. Then use programming to create a server for multiplayer platform for the players.

With that upgrade’s and DLC’S.

I do hope that the map is playable and able to move around and is the correct size (door heights, ceiling heights e.c.t)




Budget plan

Here is the budget plan,this has the full £8,000 and what the budget will be used for.

this would help me budget and keep in plus with the budget and how it will help me to keep on track with the funding finance.







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